IM-13 Homework UPDATED

1.Print and bring with you chapters 9-10 & 13-14

 from your digital grammar book!

2. Watch the film below & prepare a summary.

College Freshman Mistakes!

O.K., here is the text you need, so watch the video at least 5 times & prepare a summary!  

Hey guys, and welcome back to my channel!

And today's video will be another one in the series of college videos and today it's gonna be the top mistakes the freshmen make in college, and I am in no way saying that I am like a pro in college, I don't know, there are no professionals in college anyways, so… I am not saying that I know everything about college, I am a freshman myself, I am just saying that from the past two quarters that I have been in school, from what I've noticed, and for all of you guys who are in college, you guys will definitely be able to tell, you guys can relate. And if you are not in college yet, if you are going to college soon, you are O.K.

So… today in Valentine's Day, and happy Valentine's Day to you guys!

This videos is going to be after Valentine's Day, but I thought it would be fine if I wear my my little hearts shirt, so… yeah, so… I have a list of… I don't know, I keep clapping (claps her hands again), just clap it off, clap it off.

Alright, so let's get started… so, these are in no particular order, these are just how I thought of them, and decided that I would talk about them.

So the first one on my lest is 8 AM classes – I am telling it to you right now, don't do it to yourself, if you are a morning person, I mean, hey, if you wake up naturally at 7 o'clock in the morning — go for it! So… don't do it to yourself, because you know for fact you will end up dragging to your class, half asleep, not even understanding what you are learning in that class.

Skipping classes in another mistake that freshman make; you miss a class, and then you come back and you are just lost (loooost), and you come back and you quit, you come back, and you have a paper due you don't even know about, sooo… don't skip classes because you are gonna go there and get all the information you need, go back to your dorm, take a nap, do what you've got to do but DON'T miss classes because the time you are in class after you missed it, you are gonna be screwed

Laundry on Sundays – sooo… everyone in their building decides that Sunday in a natural do-your-laundry day, sooo… unless you want to sit there and wait for… like… mmm… a couple of hours for washers to open up, and dryers to be done, don't do your laundry on Sundays, do your wash… like… on Wednesday, like at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, because that laundry romm is gonna be completely empty.

So… don't go to the gym in the middle of the day, because you are just going to stand there and you will be either like that freshman that is like… showing off, which everyone freaking hates or you are going to be that person who gets really embarrassed and you will end up ignoring your workout because there are so many people watching you.

Freshman fifteen (freshman 15) is a real thing, so don't be expecting to be eating like nachos (nachos) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it will be like… how do I even know… how do I gain weight? You can't be eating nachos all the time! You've got to eat like an apple, a banana here and there, you know those thing… fruits? They still exist. So… eat them!

Ok, parties! So… freshmen, people coming to college like… oh my god, parties are gonna be so awesome! I'm gonna party all the time! People know you are freshman when you brag about the parties all (aaaall) the time. Ok, you went to a full party? Awesome! But there is no need for you to brag about it, because it is college, there are always good parties, and there are always people going to parties (she says there IS always people), so no one really wants to hear about parties, unless like… some brought a giraffe to a party, ok, you can talk about that, if you want.

So… in general girls go to college, and they are like… oh my god, that guy that I've met… we are like… in love. Guys are thirsty in college (starts laughing), I am not gonna lie to you, you are not going to fall in love with the first guy you meet. 

Your parents paid so much money for you to go to school, and if they are not paying for your school and you are paying for yourself, they… your mother gave birth to you, or adopted you, or… whatever did to you, she raised you, your parents raised you, please have the respect to call your parents every once in a while, at least once a week, or twice a week… (unclear) your parents will be like: «Hey, how's it going???» Don't act all sassy, don't be like: «Seriously mom, how am I? How am I? I am fine! How do you not know I am fine?» She doesn't know, she doesn't see you anymore, she was so used to having you around for so long and now you are gone, and she just misses you, so let's be real, just be nice to your parents, call them every once in a while, the time is to call your parents.

Here is a hint – freshman hint, freshman hint, (sounds and flashing lights), if you call your parents without… if they didn't call you, call your parents and be like: «oh, hey, how's it going? You guys… whatever» – they are going to love you for thinking about them, for call them, and who knows – maybe they will even send you a little care package with some cash money because we all are freshmen – we all are college students, and we all need more money!

When you are getting textbooks, do not buy your textbooks from your school (that is – your college) unless it's like a special edition for your school, and you can't find it anywhere else… – that website should be renamed to because you type in a book (*the books title in the browser window) and tells you and compares and Ebay, Amazone, Bookrentor — all the websites where you can rent or buy books for the cheapest price, use (unclear) dot com (*the name of some academic website) – you type in your professor, and it shows what school you are at (* where you are studying now), you click it – you can rate your professors on the scale «one to five» – on «easiness», «clarity», «helpfulness», «overall» – there is even a chilly pepper (*? something like an icon or a link shaped like a chilly pepper?) to tell you that your teachers are going to be hard or not.... 


Or guys, that is all for the freshman mistakes… the end of the video isn't very informative

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