Summer 2014 in the USA

One of our students wrote:

Summer… the sun, warn nights with billions stars in the sky, outdoor games, friends… dreams come true.

last summer was the best in my life. I've been to the USA. I lived in Belmar, New Jersey. It is a kind of small lovely town on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Most of the time I spent at work (Dunkin Donuts!), where I met a lot of new friends from the USA, China, Jamaica, Thailand and other countries.

Beeing in Ukraine I wrote a list of places of interest. I visited almost all of them. Niagara Falls, New York (twice), Washington, Philadelphia and other. I visited a lot of museums and galleries.

It was great to swim in hudge waves, in cold ocean waters. I was full of happiness. After the trip I came back home with a lot op emotions and funny stories. Everybody told me I changed. I became more seriously and I grown up. I improved my English and I changed the style of music I listen to.

If you want to see another life, if you want to become another persone, if you want to meet great people-go to the USA, the country where dreams become a reality.

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