Дистанційне - 2017

While I add new tests practically every day

(the last one is closely connected with the info in the lectures on Beowulf),

there are some additional (bonus) tasks for you.

A new bonus task is very simply:

You need to memorize & recite a poem by one of the British Romantics.

And you need to record a video of you reciting this poem & post it at your group's page (you need to register there first — just follow the instructions).

The poem you are going to learn is the Tiger by William Blake.

The Tyger Related Poem Content Details BY WILLIAM BLAKE

You will get MANY points for such tasks (а також запитаю під час заліку), so get to work now!

However, just in case you don't like the Tiger,

you can perform the same tasks with something darker & more sisnister.

It's the poem London by William Blake.

London by William Blake (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

I'd be happy if you actually decide to learn this one,

тому що актуально... 

Some info about this poem for ya.

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