Film assignments for the long weekend


Just select ONE of the 3 films, watch it & do the tasks listed below:

STORY: Talk about what you think the story of the movie is – the start, beginning, end, etc.

RETELL: Watch the trailer and retell what you saw to your partner(s).

MUST-SEE: Talk with your partner(s) about whether the poster and movie title are good and make you want to see the movie.

MY PREQUEL / SEQUEL: Make your own prequel or sequel for  «the film of your choice». Make sure there is a good mix of things to do. Find some good online activities. Read what you wrote to your classmates in the next lesson. Give each other feedback.

CHARACTER STORY: Choose one of the characters from the movie. Imagine you are that character. Write your story about what you did in the movie.

MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Write a magazine article about the film of your choice. What are (did) critics and moviegoers saying (say) about it? How good were the actors' performances? What was good and bad about the movie?

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