Завдання до практичних - 2й курс - 3й тиждень

1) Popular writer John Neal (1793-1876) — ANYTHING interesting you can find!

short general info about Jh.Neal

2) John Neal's popular novel Logan, the Mingo chief. A family history

the text of the novel Logan

3) Davy Crockett and \ or Mike Fink and \ or Daniel Boone — general information & interesting facts

5) Find your favorite monster of the American Forntier  AND tall me all you can about it without consulting your notes (only in English!)

American Frontier Monsters

6) Andrew Jackson — detailed summary of the film! (below)

7) George Catlin's creative work & his Indian Gallery 

8) Indian Removal Act & the Trail of Tears

9) The Last of Mohicans — find& watch the full film, prepare a detailed summary! 

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