IM-35 Video Homework

Classroom Managamenet — misbehavior, rowdy kids, foul language have destroyed teachers… in this video I go over my top ten rules when discussing classroom management. You won't find these in a college edu textbook.

It is a VERY difficult video lesson (& also it is very funny), so keep listening & provide a good summary.

You might want to use the subtitles option to get it done BUT just remember that I am not looking for 100% accurate summary with EVERY word & sentence — your general impression in your own words is more that enough.

For more great videos of Keith Hughes: click HipHughes Youtube Video Channel

cray cray - meaning really crazy

snitches get stitches! - an old piece of advice that still rings true today..indicating that somebody who snitches on somebody else shall reap the fit punishment.

Use this dictionary for all those hard phrases

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