IM-13 videos

1. Watch these short videos to help you make a story about your own home.

DO NOT make a summary of this video — just watch it (лише для перегляду!!!).


2. Watch THIS video & prepare a summary in English:

(don't forget the subtitles & the text)

Phyllis tells Yoko about her trip to San Francisco.

Yoko: Hi, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hi, Yoko. How have you been?

Yoko: Oh, fine. How about you?

Phyllis: Great! Just great!

Yoko: So how was your trip to San Francisco?

Phyllis: Fantastic! We really enjoyed it.

Yoko: Well, that doesn't surprise me. I love to visit 
San Francisco. Uh, so, your husband went with you?

Phyllis: Yes. I worked on Friday, and Bill had business to 
do in the city too. 

Yoko: Oh, that's nice. So what did you do over the 

Phyllis: We went sightseeing together all day Saturday and 
Sunday morning.

Yoko: Oh, really? Tell me about it.

Phyllis: Well, we did a lot of interesting things. 
Naturally, we started Saturday morning with a ride
on a cable car.

Yoko: Naturally… And then?

Phyllis: Then we went straight to Ghirardelli Square to do 
some shopping.

Yoko: Isn't it wonderful? I went there the last time I 
was in San Francisco.

Phyllis: Oh, it sure is. We were there for a couple of 

Yoko: Did you buy anything?

Phyllis: Just some postcards and chocolate. We didn't want 
to have too much to carry.

Yoko: What did you do after that?

Phyllis: We had lunch at a crab stand at Fisherman's Wharf.

Yoko: Did you visit Alcatraz Island?

Phyllis: No, we didn't have time.

Yoko: Oh,… what did you do then?

Phyllis: We took a cab to Golden Gate Park.

Yoko: Great! Did you see the Japanese Tea Garden?

Phyllis: Oh, yes, it was really beautiful… But to 
tell the truth, the thing we liked the best was 

Yoko: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Yes. We went there on Sunday morning.

Yoko: What did you like about Chinatown?

Phyllis: Well,… all the people,… and the 
buildings, the shops, and restaurants… even 
the way the streets look. It was just a fascinating
place. We walked for hours.

Yoko: I know what you mean. It sounds like you really 
had fun.

Phyllis: Oh, we had a great time! So how about you? What 
did you do over the weekend?

Yoko: Oh, nothing much. Well, here we are again.

Phyllis: Oh, back to the real world!


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Astor Place & Ewin Forrest

The Mastadont of American Drama — Edwin Forrest (1806-1872) 

Astor Place Riot (1849)

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Література країни, мова якої вивчається - ІІІ

Питання до практичної:

1.Життєвий і творчий шлях Вільяма Шекспіра.

2. Періодизація творчості Вільяма Шекспіра.

3. Жанрове різноманіття й особливості творчого методу Вільяма Шекспіра.

4. Розквіт англійського театру доби Відродження.

5. Загальна характеристика доби Відродження.

6. Вільям Шекспір на американській демократичній сцені 1800-х років.

7. Анти-шекспірівська полеміка в літературознавстві ХІХ — ХХ ст.

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IM-13 pronunciation guides

Here are some good sites

which help you to check pronunciation of those HARD words:


(look for MP3 files for the texts you read)

Example: for the latest text about bad habits & pop songs look at this page:

One in five songs «advertises» alcohol

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What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare. 


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IM-35 home tasks

Choose what you like (just one text) & provide a suitable English summary


2.Дискурс літературної критики Едгара Аллана По

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The Globe (IM-13) video

2nd Witch:
«Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.»

Macbeth (IV, i, 14-15)

DON'T FORGET to turn the subtitles ON (субтитри)


the groundlings \ the nest of the devil \ popular and affordable \ umbrellas aren't allowed \ the audience pacticipated \ and if he spat down at you \ everybody's involved in the play \ signs of the zodiac \ pretty authentic (plays) etc.

Partial transcription
… rebuilt recently but it was originally constructed in the seventeenth century.… during the day because they couldn't afford candles to put on the plays at night. ...far more interaction between the public and the actors. And in fact, the groundlings, which were the cheapest seats just under the open cover. They would shout at the actors and throw things at them if they didn't like the play.
...none of the actors were women because they weren't allowed to be in plays. And also the church was very critical of theatre… very popular and very affordable… the cheapest seats could be afforded by everyone. 
So this is where the groundlings stand and to come here its only five pounds to see a play and they say its one of the best places even though if it rains, you're going to get wet… you are right next to the actor's foot. You could see right up his nose and if he spat down at you,… great participation because the audience can see you, the actors, everybody's involved in the play which makes kind of a difference from the typical West End play… Here, you felt like you were really part of it.… they're pretty authentic evendown to the finest detals like the original seventeenth century underwear.… And nowadays we go and see a play but back then the most important thing was the acoustics. ....
The stage represents three different elements,… there's a trapdoor to go underneath which represents hell. the seventeenth century it had burned down twice. 
So to make this thatched roof after the Great Fire of London ....


More London Video Guides

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Література країни, мова якої вивчається - ІІ

Junius Brutus Booth — the mad tragedian 


Ministrel Shows


typical 19th century theater public



повтор: документи для курсу «Література країни, мова якої вивчається»

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English Irregular Verbs list:

Неопределённая форма

Прошедшее время

Страдательное причастие
1arise [ə`raɪz]arose [ə`roʊz]arisen [ə`rɪzn]возникать, появляться
2awake [ə`waɪk]awoke [ə`woʊk]awoken [ə`woʊkn]будить, просыпаться
3be [bi:]was; were [wɒz], [wɜ:]been [bi:n]быть, находиться
4bear [bɛə]bore [bɔ:]borne [bɔ:n]носить, выносить
5beat [bi:t]beat [bi:t]beaten [bi:tn]бить
6become [bɪ`kʌm]became [bɪ`keɪm]become [bɪ`kʌm]становиться
7begin [bɪ`gɪn]began [bɪ`gæn]begun [bɪ`gʌn]начинать(ся)
8bend [bend]bent [bent]bent [bent]гнуть(ся)
9bet [bet]bet [bet]bet [bet]держать пари
10bid [bɪd]bid/bade [bɪd/beɪd]bidden [bɪdn]велеть, просить
11bid [bɪd]bid [bɪd]bid [bɪd]предлагать
12bind [baɪnd]bound [baʊnd]bound [baʊnd]связывать
13bit [bɪt]bit [bɪt]bitten [bɪtn]кусать
14bleed [bli:d]bled [bled]bled [bled]кровоточить
15blow [bloʊ]blew [blu:]blown [blu:]дуть
16break [breɪk]broke [broʊk]broken [broʊkən]ломать
17breed [bri:d]bred [bred]bred [bred]разводить
18bring [brɪŋ]brought [brɔ:t]brought [brɔ:t]принести
19build [bɪld]built [bɪlt]built [bɪlt]строить
20burn [bɜ:n]burned/burnt [bɜ:nd/bɜ:nd]burned/burnt [bɜ:nd/bɜ:nd]жечь, гореть
21burst [bɜ:st]burst [bɜ:st]burst [bɜ:st]взорваться
22bust [bʌst]busted/bust [bʌstɪd/bʌst]busted/bust [bʌstɪd/bʌst]разорить(ся)
23buy [baɪ]bought [bɔ:t]bought [bɔ:t]купить
24betbetbetдержать пари
25cast [kɑ:st]cast [kɑ:st]cast [kɑ:st]бросать, кидать
26catch [kætʃ]caught [kɔ:t]caught [kɔ:t]ловить
27choose [tʃu:z]chose [tʃoʊz]chosen [tʃoʊzn]выбирать
28cleave [kli:v]cleft [klieft]cleft [klieft]рассечь
29cling [klɪŋ]clung [klʌŋ]clung [klʌŋ]цеплять(ся)
30clothe [kloʊð]clothed/clad [kloʊðd/klæd]clothed/clad [kloʊðd/klæd]одеть
31come [kʌm]came [keɪm]come [keɪm]приходить
32cost [kɒst]cost [kɒst]cost [kɒst]стоить
33creep [kri:p]crept [krept]crept [krept]ползать
34cut [kʌt]cut [kʌt]cut [kʌt]резать
35deal [di:l]dealt [delt]dealt [delt]торговать
36dig [dɪg]dug [dʌg]dug [dʌg]копать
37dive [daɪv]dove/dived [doʊv/daɪvd]dived [daɪvd]нырять, погружаться
38do [du:]did [dɪd]done [dʌn]делать
39draw [drɔ:]drew [dru:]drawn [drɔ:n]рисовать, тащить
40dream [dri:m]dreamed/dreamt [dri:md/dremt]dreamed/dreamt [dri:md/dremt]видеть сны, мечтать
41drink [drɪnk]drank [drænk]drunk [drʌnk]пить
42drive [draɪv]drove [droʊv]driven [drɪvn]водить, гнать
43dwell [dwel]dwelt/dwelled [dwelt/dweld]dwelt/dwelled [dwelt/dweld]обитать
44eat [i:t]ate [et]eaten [i:tn]кушать, есть
45fall [fɔ:l]fell [fel]fallen [fɔ:lən]падать
46feed [fi:d]fed [fed]fed [fed]кормить(ся)
47feel [fi:l]felt [felt]felt [felt]чувствовать
48fight [faɪt]fought [fɔ:t]fought [fɔ:t]бороться
49find [faɪnd]found [faʊnd]found [faʊnd]находить
50flee [fli:]fled [fled]fled [fled]бежать, спасаться
51fling [flɪŋ]flung [flʌŋ]flung [flʌŋ]швырять
52fly [flaɪ]flew [flu:]flown [floʊn]летать
53forbid [fə`bɪd]forbade [fə`beɪd]for`bidden [fəbɪdn]запретить
54forget [fə`get]forgot [fə`gɒt]forgotten [fə`gɒtn]забыть
55forgive [fə`gɪv]forgave [fə`geɪv]for`given [fəgɪvn]простить
56forsake [fə`seɪk]forsook [fə`sʊk]forsaken [fə`seɪkn]покидать
57freeze [fri:z]froze [froʊz]frozen [froʊzn]замерзать
58get [get]got [gɒt]gotten/got [gɒtn/gɒt]получать, становиться
59gild [gɪld]gilt [gɪlt]gilt [gɪlt]позолотить
60give [gɪv]gave [geɪv]given [gɪvn]давать
61go [goʊ]went [went]gone [gɒ]идти, ехать
62grind [graɪnd]ground [graʊnd]ground [graʊnd]точить, молоть
63grow [groʊ]grew [gru:]grown [groʊn]расти, выращивать
64hang [hæŋ]hung [hʌŋ]hung [hʌŋ]висеть, повесить
65have [hæv]had [hæd]had [hæd]иметь
66hear [hɪə]heard [hɜ:d]heard [hɜ:d]слышать
67hew [hju:]hewed [hju:d]hewn [hju:n]рубить, тесать
68hide [haɪd]hid [hɪd]hidden [hɪdn]прятать(ся)
69hit [hɪt]hit [hɪt]hit [hɪt]ударить
70hold [hoʊld]held [held]held [held]держать, проводить
71hurt [hɜ:t]hurt [hɜ:t]hurt [hɜ:t]ранить, обижать
72keep [ki:p]kept [kept]kept [kept]держать
73kneel [ni:l]knelt [nelt]knelt [nelt]становиться на колени
74knit [nɪt]knit [nɪt]knit [nɪt]вязать
75know [noʊ]knew [nju:]known [noʊn]знать
76lay [leɪ]laid [leɪd]laid [leɪd]класть
77lead [li:d]led [led]led [led]вести
78lean [li:nd]leant [lent]leant [lent]опираться
79leap [li:p]leapt [lept]leapt [lept]прыгать
80learn [lɜ:n]learned/learnt [lɜ:nd/lɜ:nt]learnt [lɜ:nt]учить(ся)
81leave [li:v]left [left]left [left]оставлять, уезжать
82lend [lend]lent [lent]lent [lent]давать взаймы
83let [let]let [let]let [let]позволять
84lie [laɪ]lay [leɪ]lain [leɪn]лежать
85lose [lu:z]lost [lɒst]lost [lɒst]терять
86light [laɪt]lit/lighted [lɪt/laɪtɪd]lit/lighted [lɪt/laɪtɪd]зажигать, освещать
87make [meɪk]made [meɪd]made [meɪd]делать, создавать
88mean [mi:n]meant [ment]meant [ment]значить, подразумевать
89meet [mi:t]met [met]met [met]встретить
90mow [moʊ]mowed [moʊd]mown [moʊn]косить
91pay [peɪ]paid [peɪd]paid [peɪd]платить
92plead [pli:d]pleaded/pled [pli:dɪd/pled]pleaded/pled [pli:dɪd/pled]заявлять
93prove [pru:v]proved [pru:vd]proven/proved [pru:vən/pru:vd]доказывать
94put [pʊt]put [pʊt]put [pʊt]класть
95read [ri:d]read [red]read [red]читать
96rid [rɪd]rid [rɪd]rid [rɪd]избавлять
97ride [raɪd]rode [roʊd]ridden [rɪdn]ездить верхом
98ring [rɪŋ]rang [ræŋ]rung [rʌŋ]звонить
99rise [raɪz]rose [roʊz]risen [rɪzn]подниматься
100run [rʌn]ran [ræn]run [rʌn]бежать
101saw [sɔ:]sawed [sɔ:d]sawed/sawn [sɔ:d/sɔ:n]пилить
102say [seɪ]said [sed]said [sed]сказать
103see [si:]saw [sɔ:]seen [si:n]видеть
104seek [si:k]sought [sɔ:t]sought [sɔ:t]искать
105sell [sel]sold [soʊld]sold [soʊld]продавать
106send [send]sent [sent]sent [sent]послать
107set [set]set [set]set [set]ставить
108sew [soʊ]sewed [soʊd]sewn [soʊn]шить
109shake [ʃeɪk]shook [ʃʊk]shaken [ʃeɪkən]трясти
110shave [ʃeɪv]shaved [ʃeɪvd]shaved/shaven [ʃeɪvd/ʃeɪvən]брить(ся)
111shear [ʃɪə]sheared [ʃɪəd]sheared/shorn [ʃɪəd/ʃɔ:n]стричь
112shed [ʃed]shed [ʃed]shed [ʃed]проливать (слёзы)
113shine [ʃaɪn]shone [ʃoʊn]shone [ʃoʊn]светить, сиять
114shoe [ʃu:]shod [ʃɒd]shod [ʃɒd]обувать, подковывать
115shoot [ʃu:t]shot [ʃɒt]shot [ʃɒt]стрелять
116show [ʃoʊ]showed [ʃoʊd]shown [ʃoʊn]показывать
117shrink [ʃrɪŋk]shrank [ʃræŋk]shrunk [ʃrʌŋk]сжиматься
118shut [ʃʌt]shut [ʃʌt]shut [ʃʌt]закрывать
119sing [sɪŋ]sang [sæŋ]sung [sʌŋ]петь
120sink [sɪŋk]sank [sæŋk]sunk [sʌŋk]погружаться, тонуть
121sit [sɪt]sat [sæt]sat [sæt]сидеть
122slay [sleɪ]slew/slayed [slu:/sleɪd]slain/slayed [sleɪn/sleɪd]убивать
123sleep [sli:p]slept [slept]slept [slept]спать
124slide [slaɪd]slid [slɪd]slid [slɪd]скользить
125sling [slɪŋ]slung [slʌŋ]slung [slʌŋ]метать
126slink [slɪŋk]slinked/slunk [slɪŋkt/slʌŋk]slinked/slunk [slɪŋkt/slʌŋk]красться
127smell [smel]smelt [smelt]smelt [smelt]пахнуть, нюхать
128sow [soʊ]sowed [soʊd]sown [soʊn]сеять
129speak [spi:k]spoke [spoʊk]spoken [spoʊkən]говорить
130speed [spi:d]sped [sped]sped [sped]мчаться
131spell [spel]spelt [spelt]spelt [spelt]писать, читать по буквам
132spend [spend]spent [spent]spent [spent]тратить
133spill [spɪl]spilt [spɪlt]spilt [spɪlt]расплескать
134spin [spɪn]spun [spʌn]spun [spʌn]прясть
135spit [spɪt]spit/spat [spɪt/spæt]spit/spat [spɪt/spæt]плевать
136split [splɪt]split [splɪt]split [splɪt]расщепить(ся)
137spoil [spoɪl]spoiled/spoilt [spoɪld/spoɪlt]spoiled/spoilt [spoɪld/spoɪlt]портить
138spread [spred]spread [spred]spread [spred]распространиться
139spring [sprɪŋ]sprang [spræŋ]sprung [sprʌŋ]возникнуть
140stand [stænd]stood [stʊd]stood [stʊd]стоять
141steal [sti:l]stole [stoʊl]stolen [stoʊlən]красть
142stick [stɪk]stuck [stʌk]stuck [stʌk]липнуть
143sting [stɪŋ]stung [stʌŋ]stung [stʌŋ]жалить
144stink [stɪŋk]stank [stræŋk]stunk [stʌŋk]вонять
145strew [str:]strewed [str:d]strewn [str:n]усеять
146stride [straɪd]strode [stroʊd]stridden [strɪdn]шагать
147strike [straɪk]struck [strʌk]struck/stricken [strʌk/strɪkən]ударить
148string [strɪŋ]strung [srtʌŋ]strung [strʌŋ]нанизать, натянуть
149strive [straɪv]strove/strived [stroʊv/straɪvd]striven/strived [strɪvən/straɪvd]стараться, стремиться
150swear [swɛə]swore [swɔ:]sworn [swɔ:n]клясться
151sweat [swet]sweat/sweated [swet/[swetɪd]sweat/sweated [swet/swetɪd]потеть
152sweep [swi:p]swept [swept]swept [swept]мести
153swell [swel]swelled [sweld]swollen/swelled [swoʊlən/sweld]вздуться, раздуваться
154swim [swɪm]swam [swæm]swum [swʌm]плыть
155swing [swɪŋ]swung [swʌŋ]swung [swʌŋ]качаться
156take [teɪk]took [tʊk]taken [teɪkən]взять, брать
157teach [ti:tʃ]taught [tɔ:t]taught [tɔ:t]обучать
158tear [tɛə]tore [tɔ:]torn [tɔ:n]рвать
159tell [tel]told [toʊld]told [toʊld]рассказывать
160think [θɪŋk]thought [θɔ:t]thought [θɔ:t]думать
161throw [θroʊ]threw [θru:]thrown [θroʊn]бросать
162thrust [θrʌst]thrust [θrʌst]thrust [θrʌst]толкать
163tread [tred]trod [trɒd]trodden [trɒdn]ступать
164understand [ʌndə`stænd]understood [ʌndə`stʊd]understood [ʌndə`stʊd]понимать
165wake [weɪk]woke/waked [woʊk/weɪkt]woken/waked [woʊkən/weɪkt]просыпаться
166wear [wɛə]wore [wɔ:]worn [wɔ:n]носить
167weave [wi:v]wove/weaved [woʊv/wi:vd]woven/weaved [woʊvən/wi:vd]ткать
168wed [wed]wed/wedded [wed/wedɪd]wed/wedded [wed/wedɪd]вступать в брак
169weep [wi:p]wept [wept]wept [wept]плакать
170wet [wet]wet [wet]wet [wet]мочить
171win [wɪn]won [wʌn]won [wʌn]выигрывать, побеждать
172wind [waɪnd]wound [waʊnd]wound [waʊnd]виться(ся)
173wring [rɪŋ]
wrung [rʌŋ]
wrung [rʌŋ]
write [raɪt]
wrote [roʊt]written [rɪtn]писать

Good luck! 

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Summer 2014 in the USA

One of our students wrote:

Summer… the sun, warn nights with billions stars in the sky, outdoor games, friends… dreams come true.

last summer was the best in my life. I've been to the USA. I lived in Belmar, New Jersey. It is a kind of small lovely town on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Most of the time I spent at work (Dunkin Donuts!), where I met a lot of new friends from the USA, China, Jamaica, Thailand and other countries.

Beeing in Ukraine I wrote a list of places of interest. I visited almost all of them. Niagara Falls, New York (twice), Washington, Philadelphia and other. I visited a lot of museums and galleries.

It was great to swim in hudge waves, in cold ocean waters. I was full of happiness. After the trip I came back home with a lot op emotions and funny stories. Everybody told me I changed. I became more seriously and I grown up. I improved my English and I changed the style of music I listen to.

If you want to see another life, if you want to become another persone, if you want to meet great people-go to the USA, the country where dreams become a reality.

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